About Total Testing

Testing and Training International (TTI) is the leading alternative to higher education. In business for over 25 years, over 13,000 students have relied on us for efficient, cost-effective plans of collegiate study. Our partnerships with nationally and regionally accredited universities has enabled us to offer higher education opportunities allowing our students to study in prestigious universities and build careers in diverse industries around the world.

In 2018, TTI decided to expand and offer a fully online and affordable college program called Total Testing. In partnership with Daemen College, we created approved degree plans and pathways leading to two undergraduate degrees. All self study courses and exams taken with Total Testing are NCCRS accredited and pre-approved by Daemen College. This means all 90 credits earned through Total Testing will transfer seamlessly. We’ve taken the guess work out of credits needed.

  • No credits are wasted.
  • No unnecessary courses are taken.
  • Guaranteed transfer to Daemen College

Upon completion of 90 credits student transfer to Daemen College. The final 30 credits of each degree are completed through Daemen College’s online courses. Students earn a degree from Daemen College.

Degrees offered

A Supportive Learning Experience

Our academic advisors are a dedicated team with many years of experience. With knowledgeable guidance and patient direction, we encourage and advocate success through a warm and caring relationship with our members. Reach out anytime using our online chat. Our Total Testing advisors are available and happy to help you.

  • Degree choice
  • Transcript review
  • Study guidance
  • Technical help
  • Seamless transfer

Designed to Work for You

Targeted study guides
Members get access to exclusive study materials in the form of Powerpoint presentations and PDF downloads. Materials focus on information specific to exams for successful studying. Students at all levels can follow the step by step explanations to get ready for exams.
Flexible testing
Testing is self-paced at one, two, or three exams a month. No semesters. No finals schedule. No deadlines. Proctoring is online, so students can test from anywhere in the world, day or night. Total Testing members will earn 90 credits via a prepared sequence of exams through the Total Testing program.
Minimum courses
Total Testing degree curriculum is created in full partnership with Daemen College. As a result, the curriculum is approved for a complete bachelor’s degree, thereby avoiding issues of excess or unusable credits. Students are encouraged to submit previous earned credit for evaluation. The more credits approved, the less credits you will need to complete your degree.

The Big Picture

We make the process simple. With seamless transfer upon completion of 90 credits taken through the Total Testing platform, including any credits evaluated and approved for transfer, earn your degree from Daemen College. Here’s how:

  1. Take 90-credits using the Total Testing platform. Pay monthly. Set your own pace.
    Take up to 3 exams per month.
  2. Upon completion of 90 credits, enroll in Daemen College.
    Low tuition has been set for Total Testing students for the final 30 credits.
  3. Earn 30-credits online at Daemen College.
  4. Graduate!


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