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Online College Degrees

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Get started on the degree path to success.

Total Testing offers degree pathways leading to degrees awarded by leading universities. All credits are preapproved, guaranteeing transfer into your university degree program. There’s no wasting time taking extra courses or earning extra credits. Your full degree is crystal clear from start to finish.

Choose from the following degree pathways:

Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies

Concentration in Early Child Education

Give yourself a broad foundation in highly-valued skills such as critical thinking and effective communication skills.

Bachelor of Science
Business Administration

Concentration in General Business

Strengthen your business skills and reinforce your business knowledge while moving ahead in your career.

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Dual Major in Psychology

Get ahead in the classroom and teach young minds. Earn degree in Education leading to teacher certification.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Minor in Business

Gain a deeper understanding of the many factors that affect human behavior and open the door to a variety of career pathways.

Every Total Testing student receives:

An Approved Degree Plan

Academic Advisement

Free Study Materials

No-cost Online Proctoring