Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Total Testing

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Foundations of your
Business Career

The business world is constantly changing and success requires essential business skills. The Business Administration degree  provides practical business knowledge equipping you with critical skills for the workforce. Explore key topics such as accounting and financial functions, marketing management, business structures, business writing and communications and leadership development. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree provides a thorough understanding of business administration, finance, human resources, marketing and management. Students pursuing this degree will earn credits by completing an approved customized internship. With Daemen University’s range of flexibility, students may even complete this internship in their current workplace.


Your Business Administration degree can pave the way to working in:
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Graduate education in finance, law, or business administration
  • Real estate
  • Commercial businesses
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • E-commerce
  • Health care industries

Business Administration
Degree Breakdown

Members of Total Testing will earn 90 of the 120 credits required for a Business Administration degree. The Total Testing portion of the degree includes:
  • 36 credits in Business and Finance
  • 15 credits in English, Math and Science
  • 9 credits in Psychology and Sociology
  • 6 credits in Economics
  • 6 credits in Accounting
  • 6 credits in Communication and Technology
  • 6 credits in Fitness and Nutrition
  • 3 credits in Political Science
Enroll at Daemen University and complete 30 credits. The Daemen University online portion of the degree includes:
  • 12 credits in Business and Communications
  • 6 credits in Literature
  • 3 credits in Finance
  • 3 credits in Philosophy
  • 3 credits in Technology
  • 3 credits in Internship/Mentorship