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What is Total Testing Education?

Total Testing Education is an online program offering students an alternative path to to earning an affordable college degree. Our program is fast, online, and cost effective. Complete university approved, self-study, online courses  that are guaranteed to transfer to one of our partnering universities. Earn your degree by taking your remaining required classes through the partner university’s online platform.

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All courses offered by Total Testing Education are recommended for credit by NCCRS. Courses meeting degree requirements are approved for credit transfer by our partner universities.

Why should I earn my degree with the help of Total Testing Education?

Total Testing Education works with our partner colleges to offer the least expensive and most direct pathway to a college degree.  Our program enables students to earn a bachelor’s degree at the fraction of the cost of a typical college program, is 100% online, and is structured to allow you to take up to three NCCRS recommended courses each month, paying monthly. This means you are able to commit to your education one month at a time. Upon completion of Total Testing Education courses, transfer to our partner university and complete your degree.

What degrees can I earn using the Total Testing Education program?
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Daemen University
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Daemen University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Felician University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Felician University
Who grants my degree?

Degrees are granted by the university that partners with Total Testing Education. Partner universities include Daemen University and Felician University. Total Testing Education is not a degree-granting institution.

How do I earn my degree?

Each degree plan is unique but follows the same premise. With Total Testing Education, up to 75% of your degree is completed through self-study online courses. All courses are recommended for credit by NCCRS. Courses meeting degree requirements are pre-approved for credit transfer by our partner universities. 

Study at your own pace, register for tests, and take them from anywhere. Students are entitled to take up to take three recommended courses each month, for one low monthly membership price. Upon completion of the Total Testing Education portion of your chosen degree plan, students transfer to the university granting the degree on their plan and earn their final credits online through the partner university’s platform.

What if I have previous college credits?

Total Testing Education’s university partners have clear transfer credit policies and the exact number of credits that can apply toward your degree will be determined once you submit transcripts for evaluation to the partner university. You may be able to receive credit for examinations such as Advance Placement (AP), College Level Examination Placement (CLEP), Defense Activities Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), the International Baccalaureate program (IB), and courses from nationally and regionally accredited colleges.

How much does Total Testing Education cost?

Students pay a registration fee of $350. Your first month’s membership is included with your registration fee giving you time to have previous credits evaluated for transfer.

Members have access to degree advisement, a university-approved degree plan, targeted study materials, and access to 3 recommended courses each month.

Starting in month two, you will pay a $297 monthly membership fee which will allow you to download targeted study materials and take up to three recommended courses each month. You control the pace and therefore the cost of the courses. A student completing three recommended courses each month will pay only $99 per course. A student who completes one-self study course each month will pay $297 per course. A student who completes 30 self-study courses in ten months will pay a total of $3023.

What is the total cost of my degree?

The cost of your degree is broken down into two parts: Total Testing Education membership and University tuition. Total Testing Education has worked with each university to ensure that the university costs are as low as possible.  The total cost will depend on (1) the number of transfer credits a student has; (2) the speed at which a student completes Total Testing Education self-study courses; (3) university financial aid.

For the lowest tuition rate, please refer to the individual degree program.

How long will it take?

It could take as little as 10 months to complete Total Testing Education’s self-study courses provided you complete 3 NCCRS-recommended courses each month. Then enroll at the university that is part of your degree plan to finish the rest! Please see the individual page for each degree program for more specific information on the program of your choice.

Where do I get the study materials I need for each Total Testing Education course?

Your Total Testing Education membership includes targeted study materials and ISBN numbers for recommended textbooks for every course offered through the Total Testing Education platform. By creating a student account, students are given access to all review materials and practice exams. Textbooks are purchased separately and not included in the cost of your Total Testing Education membership. Many students find that the review materials provided by Total Testing Education are sufficient for studying without purchasing additional text books.

Can I take exams from any location?

Yes, provided you have reliable internet access.

How do I prepare to take take exams? Do I need anything specific?

You need a working computer and webcam that is connected to reliable internet access. You also need a government-issued photo ID, a clear workspace with no papers, phones, or other items near the computer, and the ability to work independently

How do I reach an academic advisor?

You can reach your Total Testing Education academic advisor through LiveChat in the student portal, text messaging or email.

Does Total testing Education provide financial aid?

There is no financial aid for Total Testing Education self-study courses. However, you may qualify for financial aid for the portion of your degree completed at one of our partner universities. Please see their websites for more information and details. New York students may also be eligible for TAP, Tuition Assistance Program, through NY State Aid.

Can I qualify for the American Opportunity tax credit?

A tax credit is not available for the Total Testing Education self-study courses. However, once enrolled at one of our partner universities, students will receive a 1098-T form for tuition paid for university courses.

Does your program allow credit for military experience?

All of our partner universities have generous transfer credit policies for previous military training, military courses and/or other non-traditional learning environments which have been reviewed by the American Council on Education (ACE). The university will follow the ACE recommendations in awarding such credit.

If you are an active duty service member, our program allows for the flexibility to work on your degree while you serve. Contact us and we will guide you to ensure that your military credits are evaluated.