Get College Credits Fast


Get College Credits Fast


In today’s world and with the ease of the internet, there are many ways to quickly earn college credits and many reasons people choose to do so.

Why earn college credit on the fast track?

Not everyone has the time to spend four years earning a degree. For some, a Bachelors Degree is a stepping stone towards a Master’s Degree. For others a degree might be necessary to make a career change. Earning a college degree quickly allows one to spend less time doing preliminary work while freeing up more time to focus on personal end goals.

Who might be looking for fast credits?

Earning college credits fast may appeal to high-school students looking to get a jump start on college, students with 60 college credits already, or even those with no college but need a degree to increase earning potential.  A returning student, someone with existing credits already in the workforce, or assistant teachers who want to advance to head teacher level might  also consider earning credits fast.

How to get college credits fast?

There are several non-traditional ways of earning fast college credits including, but not limited to, accelerated online classes and credits by exams. Some colleges award credit for prior work & life experiences (called portfolio review.)  Both accelerated online classes and portfolio review require a lot of time and effort by the student. Credit by exam requires a student to be self-motivated and committed to self-study.

Earning credits by exam.

Students earn credits for passing college level exams. Earning credits this way reduces the need for completing actual classes, it saves the student time and often the cost of the exam is a fraction of the cost of a college class. Examples of credit by exam include CLEP, TECEP, UExcel and advanced placement exams. Students must be aware that not all colleges accept credits from exams and other colleges may limit the number for transfer.

Total Testing gives students the ability to earn 90 credits from exams towards a specific degree and all of these exam credits are guaranteed to transfer to Daemen College.

What are the benefits of earning college credits online?

Generally speaking, students have more flexibility with online credits than by attending traditional college. Online classes offer no commuting, asynchronous or synchronous classes, and the ability to complete college credits from anywhere: home, office, or even while on vacation, is a big draw to online learning.

What are the benefits of earning college credits online through Total Testing?

Total Testing offers more than traditional online learning. Total Testing is 100% self-paced and self-study, students experience no commute time and the ability to complete college credits from anywhere. Total Testing students also have no semester or class schedules to follow. More benefits include:

  • Approved Daemen College degree plans – All Total Testing credits are mapped towards a degree plan; there is no need to worry about picking and choosing your credits.
  • Free Study Materials.
  • College credits earned faster – faster than other traditional routes.
  • Affordable credits – Credits as low as $33/CREDIT!
  • Flexible studying and exam schedule.

How fast can you earn 60 college credits?

Traditional college semesters span 16-weeks.  Completing 60 credits could take up to 24 months.  Accelerated online courses span an 8-week term.  Taking nine credits in 8-weeks, will take approximately 14 months.  Total Testing provides the ability to earn nine credits monthly – completing the same 60 credits in just seven months!

How fast can you get 15 college credits?

Using the same formula as 60 credits, earning 15 credits with traditional college could take an entire semester, three months with accelerated courses, and about 2 months with Total Testing.

What are transfer credits and their benefits?

All college credits are valuable.  Evaluating previously taken credits for transfer and applying them toward completing a degree, shortens the time spent in college.

At Total Testing, the goal is to get students to finish their degrees as quickly as possible. Therefore, all approved transfer credits are plugged into an approved Daemen College degree plan eliminating duplicate courses, wasted credits and shortening the time needed for degree completion.

How much will it cost to earn a traditional college degree?

Cost per credit determines the cost of college.  Credit costs range from $113 for a local community college, $307 for in-state expenses, and up to $879 for an out-of-state 4-year public college.  These costs don’t even include additional fees, bringing prices up from $879 to $1284. A full degree can cost upwards of $100K!

How much will it cost to earn a degree with Total Testing?

With Total Testing, the cost of a full degree is as low as $8750!


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