How Total Testing Works

The Total Testing program is 100% online and self paced.

Take up to three exams each month for a flat tuition rate of only $300 per month until you reach 90 credits. You can pause the program and your payments at any time. Here’s how the program works:

Getting a diploma from an established college with a long history is important
to me.
Sign up with Total Testing
  • Pay a one-time registration fee of $350 and receive your first month free.
  • Submit preexisting credits to Daemen College for evaluation. The more credits you transfer, the less credits you will need to complete your degree.
  • Start studying and taking exams right away or wait until your credits are evaluated.
  • Begin paying monthly membership in month two.
Choose your degree

We offer two degree pathways: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
Total Testing and Daemen College have mapped out the full degree curriculum, making each degree crystal clear and easy to follow. If you need advice on which degree is best for you, our academic advisors are available to assist.

Earn 90-credits, 9 credits at a time

The first 90 credits earned are credit-by-exam. There are no classes or lectures. Students are given access to 9 credits (3 exams) each month. Total Testing provides study material which can be download from your student account. Study the course material at your own pace and take the final exam when you’re ready. If you pass the exam, you pass the course. All 90 credits transfer to Daemen College.

Transfer and enroll with Daemen College

Upon completion of 90 credits, you will be finished with the Total Testing portion of your degree and will be ready to enroll in Daemen College. All credits taken with Total Testing have been approved by Daemen. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.

Earn your final 30 credits

The final 30 credits are earned by taking online classes directly with Daemen College, a fully-accredited, private institution in Amherst, New York.

Complete your bachelor’s degree and receive your diploma.

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