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Returning Students

Get Your Degree Back on Track

It's never to late to finish your degree.

Did you start your degree and didn’t finish it? Have you earned credits from multiple colleges but don’t know how to apply them toward a degree? Total Testing Education helps students, just like you, take the next step toward degree completion. Have your existing credits evaluated for transfer and apply qualified credits towards a degree through the Total Testing Education program. 

Here's How

Sign up with Total Testing Education

Get started with Total Testing Education and choose a degree pathway. We explain how to submit prior credit for evaluation to the college associated with your chosen degree.

Transfer credit evaluation

Contact all universities where college credit was earned and request official transcripts. Official transcripts should be sent directly from college to college. If you have official transcripts at home, do not open them! Send them in the sealed envelope you received them in.

Degree adjustment and completion

Upon receipt of your transfer credit evaluation, Total Testing Education will adjust your degree plan, reducing the number of courses needed to complete your degree. Complete the remaining self-study courses meeting degree requirements and transfer to the degree-granting institution for degree completion. Only take the courses you need to get your degree.